Friday, November 22, 2013

A Lament to Romance

I miss romance within a relationship.

When I was younger, relationships leaned more to deep friendship and romance.

Today’s young person will never know the joy of just holding hands, just kissing and hugging without pressure.


They are missing out on dancing.
I am not talking about the kind of bump and grind that they are calling dancing now.


I am not talking about the girls dancing in a circle with the other girls as if on display, waiting for a guy to bestow the honor of a one night stand on them.

I am talking about dancing as a social event. When couples would dance fast for a while, but then the DJ would slow it down.

The couple would embrace and sway to the music. Girls would put their head on his shoulder or dance cheek to cheek.

Guys would lead, either well or poorly, but they would dance their partner around to the music.

The feelings that one felt while slow dancing are incredible.

It used to be in the distant past, that every nice hotel or motel had a lounge.
In those days, most motels and hotels were nice. They were owned by people who cared, or companies with high standards.
They would have a band. The band would play dinner music in the lounge / restaurant until about 9pm.

Then the lights would go down and the dancing music would start.

Traveling was just so much more entertaining. You would always have a nice place to have a drink and a slow dance.

People used to dress nicer as well. No one ever even thought of wearing blue jeans to church, or to a social function.

These days, everyone is either half naked or a total slob.

Seems like to me, in light of the high divorce rate, we could all use a little more slow dancing.

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