Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good morning Comrades, Romans and Countrymen

Today is the day we all get to see the Christian fed to the lions. Yes, I am speaking of Phil Robertson. A & E offered him up to the lions within a day of him stating his OPINION. He is a Christian man and he has a right to apostolate, speak or otherwise defend his beliefs. He exercised his 1st Amendment Rights. These are still our rights! Whether you agree with him or not is your right. However, it seems only certain groups are allowed these rights without persecution or molestation. You can be sure the groups are not Christians. If he had been a Muslim, not one word would have been uttered, In fact, he would probably be praised for holding to his beliefs and family tradition. Many would have defended him as “they don’t believe in that.” He did not advocate hate for anyone. He did not disrespect anyone. I believe in faith, hope and love. Christ says the greatest of these is love. If you want respect and love, act in a manner that commands it. If you want equal rights, do not demand special rights. Do not try to take my rights away in order to honor yours. Quit persecuting the Christian and His faith. It has gotten us through two thousand plus years. There must be reason in it.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Last month I lost my big baby dog Raven. I can't tell you haw much it hurt. She was a member of the family and will be sorely missed. We drove to Franklin, TN to get her in 2006. Her family had broken up and she needed a good home. The minute I got out of the car, she ran to me. She leaned against me and was ready to go home with me. I knew then, she was the one. She knew I would be her Momma. She was the best dog. For a long time, she was the only one. She helped me through some serious sorrow and crisis. She always knew when it was time to jump up in the bed and comfort me. Later, as we added other rescues to our family, she felt a little left out. However, she took it in stride and became Queen of the dogs. She was the undisputed alpha. She decided when to go out, when to eat, when to sleep. She was in charge. She had gotten sick over the summer. I nursed her and paid a huge vet bill. I thought she was all better. She was fine on Friday. She was chasing squirrels on Saturday. (She really did not like squirrels.) Sunday, she seemed okay. I came home Monday evening. I sat down and she came over and put her head in my lap. She seemed to be saying that she had to go, she couldn't do this life anymore. I couldn't believe she was very sick. I thought to take her to the vet in the morning. She was struggling to breathe through the night. The only time she could get a little comfortable was when I would brush her. She died at 6:20 that Tuesday morning, breaking my heart in two.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I found my Paternal Grandmother's old percolator in her things today. I made coffee in it and found it better than the drip kind we have today. My Maternal Grandmother was the Matriarch of our family. I remember when she died, my Mother said that as long as her Mother was alive she could always find food. My Grandmother always had a chicken baked or a roast cooked in her big iron pot. I was outside putting up the Christmas decorations today. I came into the house and smelled the chicken roasting and coffee perking. I remembered times past. It was a happy feeling. I want my house to always smell like good food. I want my child to always remember the times in our home as welcoming and happy. I see so many children without supervision, raising themselves and I am sorry. Family is the heart of our country and our values. Someone has to pick up the standard and make real homes for their offspring. We cannot just go for our own lives and gusto. As parents, we have to stand still, so our children can go forward. If you are unwilling to make such sacrifices, it is okay. Just don't have children, there is no law that forces one to procreate. This Christmas season, be there for your family. Any old issues and conflicts, now is the time to be set them aside. Love has to win.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Have Some Inititative

Today's news is raising the minimum wage for fast food workers. The complaint is that they cannot live on $ 7.25 an hour. This is true,I agree, but is fast food work a career? My first job was at Burger King. They would not give me any hours, so I moved to Hardee's, who gave me 40 hours a week. I came in at 5am and I made the biscuits. I had decided that I wanted to work a job after graduating from high school. I told my parents that I would prefer that to going onto higher education. Wisely, they agreed. The first six or eight months, I loved it. I had money to spend. I still lived at home. Keep in mind, at that time minimum wage was like $ 3.85 or so an hour. However, after a while of dealing with hateful customers, the greasiness of the work and the food, not to mention the really hard work, I decided to get some education to do something else. It is my opinion, that in this country, you can do as little or as much as you want. Opportunities are out there. No one can stop you IF you really want to succeed. You can find a way. I am not trying to disparage those who work in fast food, but it is more of a job for the young and unskilled. It can be a stepping stone for a career in food service. One can move up, gain experience and parlay that into a career. You can couple that experience to a culinary school or a business school and build it to a good job. Ambition is the thing that one needs to go forward. You cannot expect an employer to pay top dollar for unskilled labor. Business exists for profit. With the dollar menu and inexpensive fare, the industry cannot support a huge minimum wage. It will shut the business down. No one owes anyone a living. Hard work and a plan, these are the tickets to a living wage.

Free Smiles!

I received the sweetest gift yesterday. I was getting out of my car. Next to me in the parking lot were two children each in a car seat. I smiled at the little boy as he was nearest to me. He gave me the biggest, most beautiful smile. It was so heartfelt and sincere. His smile warmed my day. Children are never placating or false in any way. He was delighted to share his happiness and innocent joy with me. As we approach the Christmas season, let us remember that we may not have money for the fancy gifts and parties, but we can give and receive smiles. They are easier than frowns, and we all feel better for them.