Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good morning Comrades, Romans and Countrymen

Today is the day we all get to see the Christian fed to the lions. Yes, I am speaking of Phil Robertson. A & E offered him up to the lions within a day of him stating his OPINION. He is a Christian man and he has a right to apostolate, speak or otherwise defend his beliefs. He exercised his 1st Amendment Rights. These are still our rights! Whether you agree with him or not is your right. However, it seems only certain groups are allowed these rights without persecution or molestation. You can be sure the groups are not Christians. If he had been a Muslim, not one word would have been uttered, In fact, he would probably be praised for holding to his beliefs and family tradition. Many would have defended him as “they don’t believe in that.” He did not advocate hate for anyone. He did not disrespect anyone. I believe in faith, hope and love. Christ says the greatest of these is love. If you want respect and love, act in a manner that commands it. If you want equal rights, do not demand special rights. Do not try to take my rights away in order to honor yours. Quit persecuting the Christian and His faith. It has gotten us through two thousand plus years. There must be reason in it.

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