Sunday, December 8, 2013


I found my Paternal Grandmother's old percolator in her things today. I made coffee in it and found it better than the drip kind we have today. My Maternal Grandmother was the Matriarch of our family. I remember when she died, my Mother said that as long as her Mother was alive she could always find food. My Grandmother always had a chicken baked or a roast cooked in her big iron pot. I was outside putting up the Christmas decorations today. I came into the house and smelled the chicken roasting and coffee perking. I remembered times past. It was a happy feeling. I want my house to always smell like good food. I want my child to always remember the times in our home as welcoming and happy. I see so many children without supervision, raising themselves and I am sorry. Family is the heart of our country and our values. Someone has to pick up the standard and make real homes for their offspring. We cannot just go for our own lives and gusto. As parents, we have to stand still, so our children can go forward. If you are unwilling to make such sacrifices, it is okay. Just don't have children, there is no law that forces one to procreate. This Christmas season, be there for your family. Any old issues and conflicts, now is the time to be set them aside. Love has to win.

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