Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hats off to Senator Cruz

Senator Cruz - Thank you for standing (literally) against Obamacare. It is good to see someone standing for what they believe in for a change. Remember boys and girls, "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." It is time to remember who we are and be willing to fight for what we believe. Too many today just want to go with the flow. They are afraid to express their opinion. We cannot live in fear. We cannot sit quietly anymore. The radicals are fewer than we think, they are just louder and more obnoxious. We must raise our voices and drown out the low information groups. Never stop fighting and never give up.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Join The Truckers - Fight For our Country

THIS IS A COPY OF A FLYER PUT OUT BY THE TRUCKERS TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA- IT IS NOT MY WRITING. HOWEVER, IF WE CAN GET SOMETHING DONE, LET'S BACK THE MOVEMENT Independent Truckers of America are essentially operating on slave wages; in most cases working below minimum wage, and all paying exorbitant fuel costs and fees. American truckers are also very politically astute and great patriots, and they are all well aware of what is happening to our U.S. Constitution. Through this campaign, they are leading the convoy of all Americans coast to coast who wish to restore our Constitutional Republic. America is calling out to our Patriots, and if any group can help lead the charge to save our nation, it’s the U.S. Truckers. Independent Truckers across America have agreed to lead a “Ride for the Constitution” to Washington DC. This will be a very symbolic display of solidarity as potentially hundreds of thousands of truckers and millions of citizens can proceed to what we have always believed is our nation’s capital. Additionally, every single American can participate in this event coast-to-coast. Let’s face it,not everyone can afford to drive to Washington DC, and the Elite know this. They love the fact that the days of the “million man march” are gone because they have us so overworked and underpaid ---no time or money to protest or save their country. On October 11th, we are encouraging every single household to participate in many different ways; one of which if to get in their cars and join thetruckers on your local highways to show your support! Just think; 30 million people on American roads; side-by-side with Independent Truckers. Obama, Kerry, McCain, Lindsay Graham, etc. should get the message. Best of all, we don’t need the media. We will run this place and take our country back --- they can NEVER stop us. How can everyone get involved? If you are independent trucker and can afford to drive to Washington DC - DO IT! If you are afraid of your employer, or the U.S. Government, get out on the road anyways. Nobody will ever know why you were stuck in traffic. If you are an average American and have a personal vehicle, get in your car and get out on the road if you have the time or desire. The more people we have on the road, the louder our message will be. If you want to mind your own business and watch it all unfold on TV; you can refuse to buy anything the entire weekend - and if our legislators refuse our Constitutional demands, continue to not buy anything until they start following the law. The only way these criminals can survive is if we take our wallets out & spend money. Refuse to give them a dime until they comply with our lawful demands. Help spread the word NOW! This campaign will go viral if each of us gets the word out. The Elite control the media because they want to be the only ones talking to Americans. Let’s show them that we don’t need the media for us to get up off the couch and distribute flyers at our local truck stop in every city in America. We run this place & they will panic if they see us getting the word out without their system controls. “LIKE” the Facebook page, share the word with your friends, family members and neighbors, and stay tuned to for constant updates about the event. Most importantly, create your own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blog so that these bastards can never shut this thing down. It needs to be a “de-centralized” effort - a gas-roots effort that will never give the D.H.S. or the government goons the chance to shut down a website or an organizer’s office.Take charge of your own neighborhoods, towns, major cities etc across America. Let each of us show these bastards who runs this place. Most importantly, let’s show them who owns and controls our minds and wallets. Share this document. Copy it, re-post it, encourage everyone else to do the same. We are Americans who run the United States of America - it’s not run by a bunch of millionaires. This is our house; our country; our government, and each of us needs to take ownership of how we succeed in this event. If we want to save our country, we will do so. If we don’t, it will be because you as an individual wanted someone else to save it for you - this is why we are in this mess - because we trusted someone better dressed, smarter, richer, better educated or more experienced. Look where that has gotten us. It’s time for each of us to say enough is enough & show them who runs this country. Let’s make them panic by getting off the couch. We the people will save our country. The American people want our politicians to restore our Constitutional Republic NOW! For more information about the Oct.11th-13th The Ride for the U.S. Constitution Please go to

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tea Party Anarchist? What?

Please explain to me how the Tea Party members are anarchists. Harry Reid will not bow to these "Tea Party Anarchists." There are thousands of signatures on petitions, phone calls and emails calling for the defunding of Obama Care by ordinary citizens. Even the latest Rasmussen poll says that 61% of Americans are against ObamaCare. The Tea Party must be an "ist." It has been called every "ist" in the book. Can we make "IST" a new label and bad word? Instead of calling out someone's parentage or lack thereof, call them a nasty, lowdown "Ist." Perhaps they might be a son of an "Ist." Why is the establishment and media so afraid of the Tea Party members? Why is the establishment and media so afraid of Sarah Palin? Seems to me that the Tea Party rallies are held peacefully. They clean up the facilities they use, respect the law and law enforcement officers. They pay their own way to and from any event. They buy their own food, lodging, clothing etc themselves. They return to their jobs on Monday. To the establishment and media this is bad and scary, racist and anarchist. The Occupy Movement has violence and crime at its' rallies. They leave the facilities filthy. They disrespect the law and law enforcement. They defecate on police cars. They beg money for daily necessities and complain when they don't receive enough. They do not work. Some don't have work, some do not want work. Their loitering impedes those who do work. To the establishment and media this is good and productive, even heros. Sarah Palin is smart and pretty. She doesn't mind speaking her mind and she is not afraid of anyone. To the establishment and media, these qualities are frightful. She must be ridiculed (like she cares) and made into the butt of many jokes by Hollywood "entertainers." Yes, boys and girls, there are many things to fear there. The Tea Partiers may be another brand of "Ist," but I will tell you what they are not, Mr. Reid. THEY ARE NOT ELITISTS. You sir, and your cronies are the worst possible elitists. You think you are the masters. All of the Congress and all of the Senate are representatives and public servants to We The People. You are the whited sepulchres that love to sit at the high table and enjoy the ill gotten fruits of your position. You will answer to the people! You may not believe it, but you will hear us. It might be by a letter, phone call or more importantly, a vote, but you will hear We the People. We will be the mouse that roared and no one will be more surprised than the ELITISTS!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Things that make you go Hmmmm?

Can anyone tell me why the president is willing to try to negotiate with Iran, but unwilling to even consider negotiations with our Congress and Senate? Doesn't that make you go Hmmmmmm?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things that Offend Me

Why are all travel deals packaged and priced based on double occupancy?
Is one required to travel with a companion? Why does it cost more for fewer travelers?

Everyone is offended by the slightest thing these days?
I want to tell you what offends me.
When I was a girl, I was sure that I would grow up to be Barbie.
I would have the Barbie, corvette, camper, Malibu dream house and a killer wardrobe. I would have legs from the floor up to there and breasts that would never sag.
Obviously, this did not happen and I want you to know I am truly offended. Now who is going to do something about it?

I am also truly offended when I see young men walking around showing their business with the pants down style.
Do they realize this style came out of a prison?
The “pants down” style is a signal that the wearer is available for “relations.”
Really, fellows, is that the signal you want to put out?
Have some respect for yourself and those around you, pull the pants up, put on a belt and be a man.
Male genitalia does not make you a man, respect for yourself and others, plus standing up for what you believe in makes you a man.

No ladies, tights are not pants. Leggings are made to be worn with a shirt long enough to cover your business.
This style looks better on a particular type of figure.
If you are not trim, shall we say, perhaps this style is not for you.
My Mother always said that just because you could squeeze and wiggle into something, does not mean that it fits.
The same goes for low rise jeans.
If you have a high rise like myself, low rise is not for you. Better to run the disgrace of “Mom” jeans than have a muffin top. And I don’t have to tell you how it looks when seated and either your thong or most of  your business is showing.
I do not want to see that. I especially do not want to see it if you are my wait person when I am eating.

Just a Few Thoughts

Does it seem ironic to anyone but me that one of our citizens has applied for and received asylum from Russia? (Snowden)
Does it seem stranger still that Putin is telling our administration that we should unite to end Christian persecution.
Now, the KGB, I mean Putin is the hero of the day with Syria.
How did he go from jackboot thug to diplomat in one smooth motion?
I agree with him on the Christian persecution, I am not such a fan on Syria. Mostly because, I don’t feel like it is our fight, but isn’t that like hearing and seeing the fox smile charmingly and tell the hens that we should all just learn to get along?

If Obamacare is so great, why have the Senate, the Congress and the Congressional staff members asked to be exempted from it?
Yet, it is still acceptable for us regular folk?

Most of us were suspicious of the IRS prior to the current scandal.
Now they have given us solid proof that they cannot be trusted.
They don’t even follow their own rules, and yet we are still subject to them?
Are we sheep or free citizens? WE need to make changes NOW!!