Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tea Party Anarchist? What?

Please explain to me how the Tea Party members are anarchists. Harry Reid will not bow to these "Tea Party Anarchists." There are thousands of signatures on petitions, phone calls and emails calling for the defunding of Obama Care by ordinary citizens. Even the latest Rasmussen poll says that 61% of Americans are against ObamaCare. The Tea Party must be an "ist." It has been called every "ist" in the book. Can we make "IST" a new label and bad word? Instead of calling out someone's parentage or lack thereof, call them a nasty, lowdown "Ist." Perhaps they might be a son of an "Ist." Why is the establishment and media so afraid of the Tea Party members? Why is the establishment and media so afraid of Sarah Palin? Seems to me that the Tea Party rallies are held peacefully. They clean up the facilities they use, respect the law and law enforcement officers. They pay their own way to and from any event. They buy their own food, lodging, clothing etc themselves. They return to their jobs on Monday. To the establishment and media this is bad and scary, racist and anarchist. The Occupy Movement has violence and crime at its' rallies. They leave the facilities filthy. They disrespect the law and law enforcement. They defecate on police cars. They beg money for daily necessities and complain when they don't receive enough. They do not work. Some don't have work, some do not want work. Their loitering impedes those who do work. To the establishment and media this is good and productive, even heros. Sarah Palin is smart and pretty. She doesn't mind speaking her mind and she is not afraid of anyone. To the establishment and media, these qualities are frightful. She must be ridiculed (like she cares) and made into the butt of many jokes by Hollywood "entertainers." Yes, boys and girls, there are many things to fear there. The Tea Partiers may be another brand of "Ist," but I will tell you what they are not, Mr. Reid. THEY ARE NOT ELITISTS. You sir, and your cronies are the worst possible elitists. You think you are the masters. All of the Congress and all of the Senate are representatives and public servants to We The People. You are the whited sepulchres that love to sit at the high table and enjoy the ill gotten fruits of your position. You will answer to the people! You may not believe it, but you will hear us. It might be by a letter, phone call or more importantly, a vote, but you will hear We the People. We will be the mouse that roared and no one will be more surprised than the ELITISTS!

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