Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just a Few Thoughts

Does it seem ironic to anyone but me that one of our citizens has applied for and received asylum from Russia? (Snowden)
Does it seem stranger still that Putin is telling our administration that we should unite to end Christian persecution.
Now, the KGB, I mean Putin is the hero of the day with Syria.
How did he go from jackboot thug to diplomat in one smooth motion?
I agree with him on the Christian persecution, I am not such a fan on Syria. Mostly because, I don’t feel like it is our fight, but isn’t that like hearing and seeing the fox smile charmingly and tell the hens that we should all just learn to get along?

If Obamacare is so great, why have the Senate, the Congress and the Congressional staff members asked to be exempted from it?
Yet, it is still acceptable for us regular folk?

Most of us were suspicious of the IRS prior to the current scandal.
Now they have given us solid proof that they cannot be trusted.
They don’t even follow their own rules, and yet we are still subject to them?
Are we sheep or free citizens? WE need to make changes NOW!!

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