Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things that Offend Me

Why are all travel deals packaged and priced based on double occupancy?
Is one required to travel with a companion? Why does it cost more for fewer travelers?

Everyone is offended by the slightest thing these days?
I want to tell you what offends me.
When I was a girl, I was sure that I would grow up to be Barbie.
I would have the Barbie, corvette, camper, Malibu dream house and a killer wardrobe. I would have legs from the floor up to there and breasts that would never sag.
Obviously, this did not happen and I want you to know I am truly offended. Now who is going to do something about it?

I am also truly offended when I see young men walking around showing their business with the pants down style.
Do they realize this style came out of a prison?
The “pants down” style is a signal that the wearer is available for “relations.”
Really, fellows, is that the signal you want to put out?
Have some respect for yourself and those around you, pull the pants up, put on a belt and be a man.
Male genitalia does not make you a man, respect for yourself and others, plus standing up for what you believe in makes you a man.

No ladies, tights are not pants. Leggings are made to be worn with a shirt long enough to cover your business.
This style looks better on a particular type of figure.
If you are not trim, shall we say, perhaps this style is not for you.
My Mother always said that just because you could squeeze and wiggle into something, does not mean that it fits.
The same goes for low rise jeans.
If you have a high rise like myself, low rise is not for you. Better to run the disgrace of “Mom” jeans than have a muffin top. And I don’t have to tell you how it looks when seated and either your thong or most of  your business is showing.
I do not want to see that. I especially do not want to see it if you are my wait person when I am eating.

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