Thursday, December 19, 2013

Good morning Comrades, Romans and Countrymen

Today is the day we all get to see the Christian fed to the lions. Yes, I am speaking of Phil Robertson. A & E offered him up to the lions within a day of him stating his OPINION. He is a Christian man and he has a right to apostolate, speak or otherwise defend his beliefs. He exercised his 1st Amendment Rights. These are still our rights! Whether you agree with him or not is your right. However, it seems only certain groups are allowed these rights without persecution or molestation. You can be sure the groups are not Christians. If he had been a Muslim, not one word would have been uttered, In fact, he would probably be praised for holding to his beliefs and family tradition. Many would have defended him as “they don’t believe in that.” He did not advocate hate for anyone. He did not disrespect anyone. I believe in faith, hope and love. Christ says the greatest of these is love. If you want respect and love, act in a manner that commands it. If you want equal rights, do not demand special rights. Do not try to take my rights away in order to honor yours. Quit persecuting the Christian and His faith. It has gotten us through two thousand plus years. There must be reason in it.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Last month I lost my big baby dog Raven. I can't tell you haw much it hurt. She was a member of the family and will be sorely missed. We drove to Franklin, TN to get her in 2006. Her family had broken up and she needed a good home. The minute I got out of the car, she ran to me. She leaned against me and was ready to go home with me. I knew then, she was the one. She knew I would be her Momma. She was the best dog. For a long time, she was the only one. She helped me through some serious sorrow and crisis. She always knew when it was time to jump up in the bed and comfort me. Later, as we added other rescues to our family, she felt a little left out. However, she took it in stride and became Queen of the dogs. She was the undisputed alpha. She decided when to go out, when to eat, when to sleep. She was in charge. She had gotten sick over the summer. I nursed her and paid a huge vet bill. I thought she was all better. She was fine on Friday. She was chasing squirrels on Saturday. (She really did not like squirrels.) Sunday, she seemed okay. I came home Monday evening. I sat down and she came over and put her head in my lap. She seemed to be saying that she had to go, she couldn't do this life anymore. I couldn't believe she was very sick. I thought to take her to the vet in the morning. She was struggling to breathe through the night. The only time she could get a little comfortable was when I would brush her. She died at 6:20 that Tuesday morning, breaking my heart in two.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


I found my Paternal Grandmother's old percolator in her things today. I made coffee in it and found it better than the drip kind we have today. My Maternal Grandmother was the Matriarch of our family. I remember when she died, my Mother said that as long as her Mother was alive she could always find food. My Grandmother always had a chicken baked or a roast cooked in her big iron pot. I was outside putting up the Christmas decorations today. I came into the house and smelled the chicken roasting and coffee perking. I remembered times past. It was a happy feeling. I want my house to always smell like good food. I want my child to always remember the times in our home as welcoming and happy. I see so many children without supervision, raising themselves and I am sorry. Family is the heart of our country and our values. Someone has to pick up the standard and make real homes for their offspring. We cannot just go for our own lives and gusto. As parents, we have to stand still, so our children can go forward. If you are unwilling to make such sacrifices, it is okay. Just don't have children, there is no law that forces one to procreate. This Christmas season, be there for your family. Any old issues and conflicts, now is the time to be set them aside. Love has to win.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Have Some Inititative

Today's news is raising the minimum wage for fast food workers. The complaint is that they cannot live on $ 7.25 an hour. This is true,I agree, but is fast food work a career? My first job was at Burger King. They would not give me any hours, so I moved to Hardee's, who gave me 40 hours a week. I came in at 5am and I made the biscuits. I had decided that I wanted to work a job after graduating from high school. I told my parents that I would prefer that to going onto higher education. Wisely, they agreed. The first six or eight months, I loved it. I had money to spend. I still lived at home. Keep in mind, at that time minimum wage was like $ 3.85 or so an hour. However, after a while of dealing with hateful customers, the greasiness of the work and the food, not to mention the really hard work, I decided to get some education to do something else. It is my opinion, that in this country, you can do as little or as much as you want. Opportunities are out there. No one can stop you IF you really want to succeed. You can find a way. I am not trying to disparage those who work in fast food, but it is more of a job for the young and unskilled. It can be a stepping stone for a career in food service. One can move up, gain experience and parlay that into a career. You can couple that experience to a culinary school or a business school and build it to a good job. Ambition is the thing that one needs to go forward. You cannot expect an employer to pay top dollar for unskilled labor. Business exists for profit. With the dollar menu and inexpensive fare, the industry cannot support a huge minimum wage. It will shut the business down. No one owes anyone a living. Hard work and a plan, these are the tickets to a living wage.

Free Smiles!

I received the sweetest gift yesterday. I was getting out of my car. Next to me in the parking lot were two children each in a car seat. I smiled at the little boy as he was nearest to me. He gave me the biggest, most beautiful smile. It was so heartfelt and sincere. His smile warmed my day. Children are never placating or false in any way. He was delighted to share his happiness and innocent joy with me. As we approach the Christmas season, let us remember that we may not have money for the fancy gifts and parties, but we can give and receive smiles. They are easier than frowns, and we all feel better for them.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Honor Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, a holiday that is underrated, and yet, oh so important.

In the retail world’s lust for Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving is pushed to the side like my best friend pushes his green vegetables.

We go from Labor Day to Christmas with a slight pause for Halloween, as there are purchases to be made for that occasion.

Thanksgiving is the culmination of gratefulness to God, and for the bounty of this land we call the United States of America.

It is the epitome of a holiday that is solely ours, drawn from our history, and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

It is an American holiday birthed by our most compassionate, intelligent and sage President, Abraham Lincoln.

He felt that it should have a day set aside from work to remember the reason we are so blessed in this productive land.

A day to give thanks to God, and his Holy Son for all that we have.

We are going through a rough patch now, but even as it is, we are truly blessed. Most of us eat well every day. We have a roof over our heads. We are reasonably healthy. We can still think and breathe free. We have our liberty, even though it is in peril.

Today, as you gather with your family to eat and have fellowship, remember what you have, not what you do not have.

I saw it put best on a church sign,

“Don’t be so busy adding up your troubles, that you forget to count your blessings.”

God Bless You All and God Bless America!!!!


Friday, November 22, 2013

A Lament to Romance

I miss romance within a relationship.

When I was younger, relationships leaned more to deep friendship and romance.

Today’s young person will never know the joy of just holding hands, just kissing and hugging without pressure.


They are missing out on dancing.
I am not talking about the kind of bump and grind that they are calling dancing now.


I am not talking about the girls dancing in a circle with the other girls as if on display, waiting for a guy to bestow the honor of a one night stand on them.

I am talking about dancing as a social event. When couples would dance fast for a while, but then the DJ would slow it down.

The couple would embrace and sway to the music. Girls would put their head on his shoulder or dance cheek to cheek.

Guys would lead, either well or poorly, but they would dance their partner around to the music.

The feelings that one felt while slow dancing are incredible.

It used to be in the distant past, that every nice hotel or motel had a lounge.
In those days, most motels and hotels were nice. They were owned by people who cared, or companies with high standards.
They would have a band. The band would play dinner music in the lounge / restaurant until about 9pm.

Then the lights would go down and the dancing music would start.

Traveling was just so much more entertaining. You would always have a nice place to have a drink and a slow dance.

People used to dress nicer as well. No one ever even thought of wearing blue jeans to church, or to a social function.

These days, everyone is either half naked or a total slob.

Seems like to me, in light of the high divorce rate, we could all use a little more slow dancing.

Windows 8 - YYYYUUUCCCKKK!!!!!!!!!

I really hate Windows 8.

I have not spoken to one person who likes it.

I cannot find one quality to redeem it.

It totally SUCKS!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

This is SO Hilarious

This is such a fabulous satire. I do not own any rights on this video, but I think everyone should view it. I especially love the last line. It ties in with my PolitiChicks post: "When All Else Fails....." Watch it today.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Small Faction - Loud Noise

I have a chihuahua that weighs 2.75 pounds and a Poodle that weighs 68 pounds.
The chihuahua is the loudest, most obnoxious barker in the house.
The Poodle will bark when provoked, and it is an impressive sound, but she does not indulge in gratuitous barking. Something has to be wrong to illicit a response from her.
I believe this is an apt analogy for the right and the left in our country.
The left will yap, scream and cry about drivel and small annoyances. They are the loudest, therefore as the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
The right will tolerate a great deal before being provoked into a reaction.
Sometimes, I feel like there are only a few that believe in the same values that I do.
It is easy to feel alone in the cacophony chorus of the victims and whiners.
However, I know they are a much smaller group than they seem. They just make a lot of noise.
When the right has been pushed far enough, they will react loudly and with force.

Rude People ( i.e. a Word For Those Whose Parents Were Never Married)

I was just flipped off by a 20 something in a parking lot.
My offense, I wanted to cross the lane and park. I did not see the little person whose parents were never married as he zoomed up the lane at 20 mph.
So, I chased after him and yelled at him about his manners. As I predicted he did not have any couth about him and laughed.
There is absolutely no excuse for such poor behavior.
I tremble to think how these young people are going to treat us as we age.
Has no one taught their children respect for others?
It is a shame how poorly brought up they are.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9/11 Boat Lift

Everyone should watch this video that is narrated by Tom Hanks about the evacuation of Manhattan Island on 9/11/2001.

The media truly dropped the ball on this heroic, unselfish act of valor.

I did not even know about it until this week. I am sure I am not the only one.


When you watch this, remember the united spirit we had on that fateful day.

Stop the forces at work here in our country to divide us.

We are Americans. We can get it together again, just as we did that day.

Fight, fight for our country. Start on main street and in the churches. Pray and hold up your neighbor.

Division is our enemy and we must defeat it now, or we may not have the chance!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hats off to Senator Cruz

Senator Cruz - Thank you for standing (literally) against Obamacare. It is good to see someone standing for what they believe in for a change. Remember boys and girls, "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." It is time to remember who we are and be willing to fight for what we believe. Too many today just want to go with the flow. They are afraid to express their opinion. We cannot live in fear. We cannot sit quietly anymore. The radicals are fewer than we think, they are just louder and more obnoxious. We must raise our voices and drown out the low information groups. Never stop fighting and never give up.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Join The Truckers - Fight For our Country

THIS IS A COPY OF A FLYER PUT OUT BY THE TRUCKERS TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA- IT IS NOT MY WRITING. HOWEVER, IF WE CAN GET SOMETHING DONE, LET'S BACK THE MOVEMENT Independent Truckers of America are essentially operating on slave wages; in most cases working below minimum wage, and all paying exorbitant fuel costs and fees. American truckers are also very politically astute and great patriots, and they are all well aware of what is happening to our U.S. Constitution. Through this campaign, they are leading the convoy of all Americans coast to coast who wish to restore our Constitutional Republic. America is calling out to our Patriots, and if any group can help lead the charge to save our nation, it’s the U.S. Truckers. Independent Truckers across America have agreed to lead a “Ride for the Constitution” to Washington DC. This will be a very symbolic display of solidarity as potentially hundreds of thousands of truckers and millions of citizens can proceed to what we have always believed is our nation’s capital. Additionally, every single American can participate in this event coast-to-coast. Let’s face it,not everyone can afford to drive to Washington DC, and the Elite know this. They love the fact that the days of the “million man march” are gone because they have us so overworked and underpaid ---no time or money to protest or save their country. On October 11th, we are encouraging every single household to participate in many different ways; one of which if to get in their cars and join thetruckers on your local highways to show your support! Just think; 30 million people on American roads; side-by-side with Independent Truckers. Obama, Kerry, McCain, Lindsay Graham, etc. should get the message. Best of all, we don’t need the media. We will run this place and take our country back --- they can NEVER stop us. How can everyone get involved? If you are independent trucker and can afford to drive to Washington DC - DO IT! If you are afraid of your employer, or the U.S. Government, get out on the road anyways. Nobody will ever know why you were stuck in traffic. If you are an average American and have a personal vehicle, get in your car and get out on the road if you have the time or desire. The more people we have on the road, the louder our message will be. If you want to mind your own business and watch it all unfold on TV; you can refuse to buy anything the entire weekend - and if our legislators refuse our Constitutional demands, continue to not buy anything until they start following the law. The only way these criminals can survive is if we take our wallets out & spend money. Refuse to give them a dime until they comply with our lawful demands. Help spread the word NOW! This campaign will go viral if each of us gets the word out. The Elite control the media because they want to be the only ones talking to Americans. Let’s show them that we don’t need the media for us to get up off the couch and distribute flyers at our local truck stop in every city in America. We run this place & they will panic if they see us getting the word out without their system controls. “LIKE” the Facebook page, share the word with your friends, family members and neighbors, and stay tuned to for constant updates about the event. Most importantly, create your own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blog so that these bastards can never shut this thing down. It needs to be a “de-centralized” effort - a gas-roots effort that will never give the D.H.S. or the government goons the chance to shut down a website or an organizer’s office.Take charge of your own neighborhoods, towns, major cities etc across America. Let each of us show these bastards who runs this place. Most importantly, let’s show them who owns and controls our minds and wallets. Share this document. Copy it, re-post it, encourage everyone else to do the same. We are Americans who run the United States of America - it’s not run by a bunch of millionaires. This is our house; our country; our government, and each of us needs to take ownership of how we succeed in this event. If we want to save our country, we will do so. If we don’t, it will be because you as an individual wanted someone else to save it for you - this is why we are in this mess - because we trusted someone better dressed, smarter, richer, better educated or more experienced. Look where that has gotten us. It’s time for each of us to say enough is enough & show them who runs this country. Let’s make them panic by getting off the couch. We the people will save our country. The American people want our politicians to restore our Constitutional Republic NOW! For more information about the Oct.11th-13th The Ride for the U.S. Constitution Please go to

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tea Party Anarchist? What?

Please explain to me how the Tea Party members are anarchists. Harry Reid will not bow to these "Tea Party Anarchists." There are thousands of signatures on petitions, phone calls and emails calling for the defunding of Obama Care by ordinary citizens. Even the latest Rasmussen poll says that 61% of Americans are against ObamaCare. The Tea Party must be an "ist." It has been called every "ist" in the book. Can we make "IST" a new label and bad word? Instead of calling out someone's parentage or lack thereof, call them a nasty, lowdown "Ist." Perhaps they might be a son of an "Ist." Why is the establishment and media so afraid of the Tea Party members? Why is the establishment and media so afraid of Sarah Palin? Seems to me that the Tea Party rallies are held peacefully. They clean up the facilities they use, respect the law and law enforcement officers. They pay their own way to and from any event. They buy their own food, lodging, clothing etc themselves. They return to their jobs on Monday. To the establishment and media this is bad and scary, racist and anarchist. The Occupy Movement has violence and crime at its' rallies. They leave the facilities filthy. They disrespect the law and law enforcement. They defecate on police cars. They beg money for daily necessities and complain when they don't receive enough. They do not work. Some don't have work, some do not want work. Their loitering impedes those who do work. To the establishment and media this is good and productive, even heros. Sarah Palin is smart and pretty. She doesn't mind speaking her mind and she is not afraid of anyone. To the establishment and media, these qualities are frightful. She must be ridiculed (like she cares) and made into the butt of many jokes by Hollywood "entertainers." Yes, boys and girls, there are many things to fear there. The Tea Partiers may be another brand of "Ist," but I will tell you what they are not, Mr. Reid. THEY ARE NOT ELITISTS. You sir, and your cronies are the worst possible elitists. You think you are the masters. All of the Congress and all of the Senate are representatives and public servants to We The People. You are the whited sepulchres that love to sit at the high table and enjoy the ill gotten fruits of your position. You will answer to the people! You may not believe it, but you will hear us. It might be by a letter, phone call or more importantly, a vote, but you will hear We the People. We will be the mouse that roared and no one will be more surprised than the ELITISTS!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Things that make you go Hmmmm?

Can anyone tell me why the president is willing to try to negotiate with Iran, but unwilling to even consider negotiations with our Congress and Senate? Doesn't that make you go Hmmmmmm?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things that Offend Me

Why are all travel deals packaged and priced based on double occupancy?
Is one required to travel with a companion? Why does it cost more for fewer travelers?

Everyone is offended by the slightest thing these days?
I want to tell you what offends me.
When I was a girl, I was sure that I would grow up to be Barbie.
I would have the Barbie, corvette, camper, Malibu dream house and a killer wardrobe. I would have legs from the floor up to there and breasts that would never sag.
Obviously, this did not happen and I want you to know I am truly offended. Now who is going to do something about it?

I am also truly offended when I see young men walking around showing their business with the pants down style.
Do they realize this style came out of a prison?
The “pants down” style is a signal that the wearer is available for “relations.”
Really, fellows, is that the signal you want to put out?
Have some respect for yourself and those around you, pull the pants up, put on a belt and be a man.
Male genitalia does not make you a man, respect for yourself and others, plus standing up for what you believe in makes you a man.

No ladies, tights are not pants. Leggings are made to be worn with a shirt long enough to cover your business.
This style looks better on a particular type of figure.
If you are not trim, shall we say, perhaps this style is not for you.
My Mother always said that just because you could squeeze and wiggle into something, does not mean that it fits.
The same goes for low rise jeans.
If you have a high rise like myself, low rise is not for you. Better to run the disgrace of “Mom” jeans than have a muffin top. And I don’t have to tell you how it looks when seated and either your thong or most of  your business is showing.
I do not want to see that. I especially do not want to see it if you are my wait person when I am eating.

Just a Few Thoughts

Does it seem ironic to anyone but me that one of our citizens has applied for and received asylum from Russia? (Snowden)
Does it seem stranger still that Putin is telling our administration that we should unite to end Christian persecution.
Now, the KGB, I mean Putin is the hero of the day with Syria.
How did he go from jackboot thug to diplomat in one smooth motion?
I agree with him on the Christian persecution, I am not such a fan on Syria. Mostly because, I don’t feel like it is our fight, but isn’t that like hearing and seeing the fox smile charmingly and tell the hens that we should all just learn to get along?

If Obamacare is so great, why have the Senate, the Congress and the Congressional staff members asked to be exempted from it?
Yet, it is still acceptable for us regular folk?

Most of us were suspicious of the IRS prior to the current scandal.
Now they have given us solid proof that they cannot be trusted.
They don’t even follow their own rules, and yet we are still subject to them?
Are we sheep or free citizens? WE need to make changes NOW!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

(Or the Stuff that Makes One Stick by Their Commitments)

          When I look through the news, and observe those around me, I notice that the majority of folks living in 2013 lack Moxie.
Moxie, an old fashioned term, is that terrier like quality that makes people stand by their word, irregardless of their own comfort or convenience.
Margaret Mitchell’s famous heroine called it “Gumption.”
To her there were few things in the world that could take the place of gumption.
In prior times, if a person’s word was no good, they were considered no good.
They would not be trusted by their peers. They had no credit among the merchants and no one wanted their children to marry into their family. They might be considered boot leggers or horse thieves, or just no account.
Of course, the Hollywood crowd changes spouses like socks, yet are admired by our society like American royalty.
We follow them in their lives and loves, allow them to politicize and mandate to us commoners exactly as to how we should live. They know more than we do, after all, they are rich and famous.
We have come through the “Me Generation,” the Y Generation,” and the philosophy of “If it makes ME happy, do it.”
I do not believe a life of 100% altruism is necessary, but when word is given, or responsibility laid, it should be taken seriously.
I believe there are many, many children in the United States today that have no family anchor.
They have no example of sticking to your commitments.
(Abuse, substance abuse and infidelity cannot be tolerated. These cases are not the examples I wish to show.)
My Grandparents married and started their adult life together on the precipice of the Crash of 29’.
They were farm raised and always said they never knew there was a Depression. They worked on their family’s farms and like most farmers in
the South, they were land poor and cash money short. The food was plentiful, as it was grown or husbanded on your farm.
They got by, like their peers, but stock market crashes and job losses just were not something of which rural Georgia had much experience.
Their lives consisted of labor, both in the fields and house, helping neighbors as necessary. Their tenacity for fixing, repairing and making do was the cornerstone of their existence. One did not buy new things, but saved what money you earned for a rainy day or the future.
Granted, we no longer live on the family farm, and life has become very hectic.
Few adults or children have the comfort of the home place anymore.
My maternal Grandparent’s house was our Homeplace.
These days, what I remember and long for the most is the comfort food.
I miss the dishes my Grandparents always had prepared for us when we would come back to the Homeplace.
We would gather there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and any time we could.
However, it was not just a place to gather, it was a place to return, where you were always welcome. A place where you could go to lick your wounds when life threw all it had at you, letting blood and wreaking havoc on your well laid plans.
The house was a white, wooden, constructed from an ancient dog trot cabin and a section of a house that had survived a fire. These pieces were cobbled together into a five room house that my Grandparents purchased in the 1930’s.
To this end, they had worked and saved for the small house where their love and support resided.
We could always come home to them and rest.
The things they taught me were both by example and in stories of the past.
I remember my Grandfather walking with me through the woods and telling me stories of his Mother, who was an herbalist.
He pointed out things that looked like weeds to me. He patiently explained their uses and to which maladies they were best applied.
If we visited a steakhouse that decorated its walls with antique farm tools, he would point and explain the purpose and use of each one. I thought I wasn’t listening, but it sunk in and stayed with me.
My Grandmother taught more by example.
I watched her cook, learning how to make the favorites we all loved. I helped her wash dishes.
Dirty clothes went into the plastic laundry basket my Grandfather had repaired with a green limb and twine when the handle had cracked. After they were washed, she hung them on the line to dry. She had a dryer, but it cost electricity, so she rarely used it.
She ran the finances and a frugal household.
They weathered each other’s differences and often fought about silly matters, or did things just to be contrary to the other. They did not feel that such things constituted divorce. They realized commitment was a promise they made long ago. If it wasn’t always comfortable, it was just borne with stoicism.
When my Grandfather died in 1990, the beginning of the end came. Little by little my Grandmother needed more help and soon my Mother moved in with her.
The house was still there, but it was home no more.
There was no fresh cornbread or drop biscuits set on the table.
Breakfast was not being prepared when you walked sleepily into the kitchen. Family meals became extinct.
Without my Grandparents, the team was finished.
My immediate family did not last. There was little cooperation for the next generation.
The emotional hard times that were coming would find no refuge in the white house where love and support used to live.
The Great Recession and Crash of 2007 took my two businesses and great job.
The moxie I had learned from my Grandparents pushed me to get off of unemployment as soon as possible.
I took the first position I found.
It was alien to me, outside of my adult career, education and training.
Luckily, my early work history was in fast food. That coupled with my restaurant accounting experience landed a job as an assistant manager in a greasy fast food chain that enjoys local success in Georgia.
My co- workers were unlike any people I had ever met.
I cried daily after work due to the stress and verbal abuse from my demigod district manager, but I never gave up.
I did my best,  though at 46, the physical, dirty work was too hard for me with my health problems.
I would never have had the will to continue if I had not had the strength and conviction I had observed in my Grandparents. My family needed me to work.  I stayed for them. It was a living nightmare, but I could not give up and quit. I was not raised to be a quitter.
Through perseverance and over time, opportunities began to surface.
I  returned to my accounting career, a much more thankful and humble person.
I have heard people complain that they will not work for less. They are too experienced to start over, etc. Many are glad to hold out their hand for the government to support them.
(Where does this money come from anyway? You and I, we are the government.)
What makes one person better than the other that they should not stoop to work hard?
As a society, I feel that we have given up on the best qualities we once exhibited. (This is not meant to be a sweeping stereotype, those who do the right things know who they are and should not be offended.)

We do not want to work hard.
We do not want to stick to an uncomfortable commitment and raise our children.
We do not want to get involved in community.
We refuse to hold our leaders accountable for their actions.
We put no societal pressure on the immoral.

My Grandparents would be ashamed and outraged at society in 2013.
Yet, I like to hope that they would be proud to see the value of their example in me.
Their legacy remains in the person I am today.
So, my friends and fellow Americans, please I beg.
Reach down deep and see if any Moxie remains within your soul.
If you remember back far enough, you might find an example like my Grandparents.
These times we are having now require moxie, strength, faith and perseverance.
If the next generation is to thrive, we will have to clean up the mess we have made, trying to make ourselves momentarily happy.
We cannot sit idly by and let all that is great and good go down the drain from nothing but pure apathy and sloth.
The American society will have to find the gumption to stand for something.
Right now, we are falling, and we will not get up without MOXIE!

Friday, April 26, 2013


A great songwriter once wrote,

“I am empty and aching, and I don’t know why.”

The emptiness of a poet is a vacuum that pulls,
By centrifugal force, upon the beauty of the words.

The poet is always drowning in the melancholy that is reality.

His fellows are unable to perceive the achingly beautiful things that he sees.

Lamenting with loneliness at the isolation of the pure vision

The poet cries.

And he writes

As do I.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I would like to comment on whoever planted the bombs at the Boston Marathon.

Aren't you tough guys?

Isn't it impressive to hurt women and children?

I guess you couldn't take on someone your own size.

Only cowards would perpetrate such a low handed, sneaky, black hearted deed.

American, rise up against such actions. If they are only able to hurt women and children from afar, I know

we can take them.

When this act that was done in darkness comes to the light, we must force the courts to act within the fullest

extent of the law. No quarter must be given. No sympathy for their causes, religions, creeds etc. They are

violent cowards and bullies who will only understand force.

We must demand justice to these innocents with one voice!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Days?

Happy Days Are Here Again?

According to a headline and accompanying article on MSN, Friday, March the 8, 2013, we are now sitting in the high cotton of the years prior to the 2008 crisis.
The headline read:
The Stock Market and Rising Real Estate Market Have Returned Wealth to pre 2008 Levels
A picture illustrated two men of Wall Street giving each other a high five showing their glee.
Happy days are indeed here again.
However, I read the entire article twice, hoping for a phone number that could tell me where I could find my lost businesses, good credit and high paying job.  
Maybe, a 1- 800 – return it to me number or a website. No luck, though, it is too bad, I guess I won’t be able to find it that way.
The article from News Center headlined:
US adds 236K jobs, unemployment falls to 7.7%
Isn’t that just great news?
However, if you continue reading the article, it can be quoted as saying,
“The unemployment rate, which had been stuck at 7.8 percent or above since September, declined mostly because more people found work. Another factor was that 130,000 people without jobs stopped looking for work last month. The government doesn’t count them as unemployed.”
If the government does not see these 130,000 workers as unemployed, what do they see them as, particles out there like the cosmos floating around in space?
This is another example of misinformation and bias that comes from the media.
The article goes on to state that the economy is now generating more higher paying jobs, such as accounting, engineering and information technology.
My career is as an accountant. I am still at 40% of my pre 2008 salary. My colleagues are in the same situation. In fact, one, holding a master’s degree, was asked last year to take a cut in pay where he is underemployed in order to continue to have a job. It may not be that way all over the US, but it is that way in Atlanta, Georgia.
In the same vein, Conservative, can be quoted as, “The number of Americans designated as ‘not in the labor force’ in February was 89,304,000, a record high, up from 89,008,000 in January, according to the Department of Labor.”
This is an increase of 296,000 from January to February. also gives this statement for clarification.
“The Bureau of Labor Statistics label people who are unemployed and no longer looking for work as ‘not in the labor force’ including people who have retired on schedule, taken early retirement or simply given up looking for work.”
So, how are we in the money again?
Supposedly, we have higher paying jobs and as the same MSN internet articles states, “robust sales in the auto industry and a steady housing market are spurring more hiring, which could trigger more consumer spending and stronger economic growth.”
“Hourly wages rose 4 cents to $23.82 last month. Wages have risen 2.1 percent over the last year, slightly ahead of inflation. Higher pay is vital to the economy because consumer spending drives 70 percent of the economic activity.”
Wow, once again, I am amazed. My house is still on the tax records at about 45% of its original appraisal from 2003. That appraisal was made when it was an extreme fixer upper listed by HUD.
I had to put another $ 25,000 into it in order to make it livable and up to code.
The $ 23.82 an hour wage would be welcome to me and my peers. We are all still at about half or less of pre 2008 wages. Some are the ones who have stopped looking for work, or have had to go to other states to find a job.
Wayne Allyn Root, former 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate, writing for can be quoted about the March 8th unemployment figures as follows:
America under Obama has become a vast wasteland of lousy part time jobs with low pay and no benefits. If we had a Republican president, don’t you think the media might be mentioning this? Is it possible the ‘good news’ in Friday’s job report is actually terrible news? It isn’t actually 236,000 Americans returning to work. It’s simply about 100,000 desperate American workers each taking three part time jobs, plus dipping into their 401K, plus maxing out their credit cards, to survive for another month. Or didn’t you hear that Americans are dipping into their retirement accounts in record numbers?”
He goes on to say, “According to a report released February by the National Employment Law Project, higher-wage industries are accounting for 40 percent of the job losses in America, but only 14 percent of the job growth. Lower wage industries are accounting for 49 percent of the job growth. Back in 1980, less than 30 percent of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs. Today, more than 40 percent of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.”
As for the high stock market, that is so easily manipulated by the uber rich. They can pump it up or deflate it at will. Don’t buy it. It is just 1987 all over again. The big dogs play and the little dogs pay. Everyday people lose their investments. The stock market is a game no one should play. In fact, I would recommend pulling all monies out of the stock market and buying gold and silver coins. At least, it has value whether the economy is up or down. Worst come to worst, you can trade it for food and other necessities.
I don’t know what others might think of this media data, but I am reminded of an old saying, “Don’t pee down my back of my neck and tell me it is raining.”
Read, my friends and neighbors, read all the reports from the lame stream left and the free thinking independents.  Make your own decisions and trust your own judgment.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

You Cannot Change History (just because you don't like it)

You Cannot Change the Past
(just because you don’t like it)

          It is often said that the victorious are the ones to write history from their point of view.
This is true in that, as the old saying goes, “To the victors go the spoils.”
In this case, the spoils could be spinning the facts to favor a certain way of thinking.
In the news today, there is controversy over the renaming of three Confederate themed parks in Memphis, Tenn.
The names are considered to be inconsiderate
and  / or racist to African Americans.
Forrest Park, specifically, was deemed offensive
as Nathan Bedford Forrest was an owner of slaves and the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.
There are protests planned by the Ku Klux Klan, et al even though the name changes have already passed Memphis City Council.
Memphis Councilwoman, Janis Fullilove, left the Council’s meeting that passed the name changes in tears as fellow Council Member Boyd defended Nathan Bedford Forrest for whom one park was named.
Ms. Fullilove was quoted as saying, “I was just upset about Boyd talking about Nathan Bedford Forrest being a friend of black people. That is a lie and history shows to us that’s a lie.”
Boyd was later quoted; “I think they need to read the history of that person. I think it is much ado about nothing.”
In an article written by Jeff Black, staff writer of NBC news, a person named Katherine Blalock was quoted as saying, “They are trying to get rid of history. They are trying to rewrite it.”
Becky Muska, a resident of Shelby County, TN was quoted from an article from as saying,
“This is going on all over the country, revisionist history. It’s the thing to do.”
The article did not elaborate as to whether Ms. Muska was in agreement of this practice or not.
“Revisionist history” is a very handy thing, I would think.
If it is to be accepted as common practice, it could be applied to my history as well.
A short outline of my true history is:
I was born in Virginia to educated parents. (A chemical engineer and a school teacher)
We later moved to North Carolina when I was two.
I went to public school until the third grade.
My parents transferred me to a private school where I graduated with a diploma and went on to higher education.
Using revisionist history it could read as follows:
I was born the same day as John F. Kennedy Jr., in the same hospital. My Mother and Jackie Kennedy were maternity ward roommates and became best friends.
Until I was two, I crawled around with the Kennedy children. I often played in the oval office with John John.
We moved to New York City when the former First Lady sold her properties in Washington D.C. We bought an apartment there to be near her and my very best friends, John and Caroline.
I attended private classes with the Kennedy’s in the most prestigious school in New York. I was awarded my high school diploma with John Kennedy Jr. in a private ceremony. Ronald Regan was there along with other famous government officials.
I went to Cambridge in England and my famous classmate went to Texas A & M and graduated as an agronomist first class.
This is purely fiction, or is it?
As the reader was not there, they cannot say for sure.
Many accounts have been written about the former First Family, but these facts are recorded by historians. Beyond birth and education records, there are few truly verifiable personal facts.
Revisionist history changed the entire course of my life. It is completely untrue, but one hundred years from now, who could really say if it was a good account or not?
The undeniable facts are that John F. Kennedy was assassinated while holding the highest office in the land. Jackie Kennedy was a widow and she had two children.
Can we use revisionist history on JFK?
It was very nasty and disturbing how he was killed.
We don’t like this fact. Using revisionist history, we change it to something more palatable.
Poor President Kennedy collapsed due to overwork and excessive travel due to the duties of office.
There, now there was no shot, no trauma, no unpleasantness, just that a great man passed as he performed his elected duty.
Does tidying up things we don’t like or agree with make it a true history?
The answer is no.
It is unfortunate that we are human beings and we all make mistakes.
We try to learn and grow as a society and reassess our positions on social behavior and issues. Changing how we feel about the events of past doesn’t make them go away or alter them in any way.
Here are the facts:
1)    Many of the key figures in the history of the United States owned slaves.
2)    Right or wrong, it was a common practice at the time. If at some point it becomes morally undesirable to own a car, do we pretend NASCAR never existed?
3)    Slavery was a divisive issue, but was not the reason for the Civil War.
4)    The reason for the secession of the Southern states was the infringement of state’s rights by the federal government. Slavery became an issue in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln penned the Emancipation Proclamation.
5)    This document was written and delivered as a way to encourage the Union troops to continue to fight. This document made the war a moral concern as many soldiers felt the Civil War was a “rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.” This opinion was coupled with the fact that the North was taking many defeats as the South had most of the good West Point educated generals.
6)    Many good men fought and died for their own personal beliefs. Many fought and died against their own family members as the Civil War caused brother to go against brother as opinions varied.
7)    The North (Union) blamed the South for the assassination of Lincoln and the war. The South was placed under martial law.
8)    Lawlessness prevailed as the courts were biased against the citizens of the South. Many came from the North with the intention of taking their spoils of war and bringing the South and her people to heel. Lawlessness and violence were no more appealing than they are today. Men felt helpless to protect their families through the court of law. The Klan was started.
9)    Nathan Bedford Forrest was the original Grand Wizard but he was not the founder of the Klan. Several other men named John Lester, James Crowe, John Kennedy, Calvin Jones, Richard Reed and Frank McCord were the founders. It was formed as a prank in the style of college fraternities.
10)           Nathan Bedford Forrest did eventually leave the Klan. The original Klan had been adulterated by violent copycat groups that were not interested in the purpose of restoring order and safety. Later in life, he came to change his ideas as is our rights as human beings to rethink our paths and alter them as necessary.
11)           None of these facts can be changed because we do not like or agree with the customs of society in the 1800’s.
General Sherman was quoted as saying, “War is Hell,” and so it is.
If we forget our past, we run the risk of our future. The past mistakes will be forgotten and could be repeated.
The United States has a past. You have one and so do I.
I doubt that few could be 100% proud of everything we have ever done.
The United States had human leaders. Humans will almost always make their decisions based on what is good for them personally at that time.
Our past is full of both good and bad people. It is a fact.
The Civil War happened.
It is a part of our history. We can’t revise it because we wanted things to be different in a world we were not part of while history happened.
The good news is that in spite of our differences, in spite of the good and bad choices, the United States grew to become the standard of the world.
Let us not forget. Let us not revise. Let us rebuild with that pioneer spirit that made our country what it is today.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Solution

The Solution

            It is not news that the United States economy and job market are in the toilet.
What is the solution to the economic problems in the United States?
More importantly, what is the solution to our own personal economic tragedies?
If we look back into our hallowed history, we can find the solution to today’s problems.
Americans have always been a breed apart, if you will, a uniquely adaptable, yet fiercely independent people.
Our mindset is different now, just as it was different from the status quo in Europe in 1620. It is just not conceivable to the average American that we are not endowed by our Creator to the right to freedom and the pursuit of our lives without dictation from a civil body.
The Pilgrims were the original non conformists, inspired by common beliefs promoted by Richard Clyfton, a Brownish Parson near Nottinghamshire England.
They wanted a separation from the Church of England and to be granted the right of independent worship.
The Puritans were willing to maintain their connection to the Church of England, but with concessions to some of their core beliefs.
Of course, the law maintained that you would go the Church of England and like it or face fines and / or prison time.
This forced attendance was the catalyst of the Pilgrims first migration to tolerant Holland.
However, in an effort to maintain their cultural identity, the Pilgrims arranged with investors to fund the trip to The New World.
These original Americans were looking for independent worship and opportunity for wealth. They were here to arrange profit for their investors and prosperity from the work of their hands.
The colony at Plymouth was established in community agriculture. It grew to include independent craftsmen, farmers and merchants.
The movement for independence from England grew from an unwillingness to be governed by a body that did not represent or understand the culture in the Colonies.
The same independent spirit was displayed in the mass immigration into Ellis Island from 1892 to 1924.
The difference in this migration was that the country was established.
The infrastructure and country were in place. Immigrants had heard of the land of milk and honey. They only had to find a job and become wealthy.
The only obstacle to this was the prejudices of the people.
“No Irish need apply,” et al, was the feeling of the day. Those established did not wish to hire or share with the newly arrived.
So, how did the newly arrived survive?
No one was willing to hire them. Some needed to learn English, but it was a lack of available jobs.
What was to be the solution?
These immigrants were not babes in woods. They had come to the United States with skills.
Small family businesses sprang up like fruit of the dragon’s teeth. Mom, Pop and the kids set out to earn a living and raise a strong family on their own. The attitude was you don’t have to give us anything. We are willing to make our own way, even if it is hard.
This was the rebirth of the American spirit.
This movement lasted until the 1960’s were all establishment came into question.
2013 is time for a rebirth of the American spirit.
The same problem that plagued the Ellis Island immigrants is the one we have today, a lack of available jobs and opportunities.
We were never much for rules. We never held with another telling us what to do with our own lives.
To paraphrase a conversation from a leading conservative radio show call in listener,
“I will not be held back by all the new laws or the bad economy. I will just put my head down and work hard. I will succeed, in spite of the times.”
That, my friend, is the road we need to travel.
The solution to our employment woes is to invent the better mouse trap.
To avoid the employee labor and healthcare laws, we have to find a way to do the labor with our own two hands.
We have to provide services and products that come from within the United States.
If we provide a necessary service, we are paid. If we are paid, we can afford to live and make purchase to drive the economy.
If the government pulls our dollar down, we will have to find another way to fund our enterprise. There is no law against barter, or trading gold and silver.
Our economy is driven by the people’s ability to buy and sell.
It is time for the everyday American with standards to remember from whence we came.
We are descendants of the free thinkers from four hundred years ago. We are the bold risk takers of the turn of the century.
Like the phoenix, we are going to rise from the ashes of this crisis, if we are willing to work hard and do it ourselves.
Actions of our elected officials are proving that their agenda is not really in our best interests. Both sides of the aisles are equally responsible for America’s decline.
If you are an American that would prefer to be chattel to a civil entity, these words are not for you.
If you feel that you can trust the government for your care, good luck to you.
Dig down deep and shelter that spark of liberty that runs in the blood of the American.
The Pilgrims were unafraid of hard work and risk, let us not be afraid either.