Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why I Write and What Writing Is To Me

Writing is the natural extension of my favorite pastime, reading. My Mother, and English literature teacher, taught me to read by the age of four. I believe she did this because I would hound her to read the same books over and over until I had them memorized. When she was busy, I would look at my favorite books and turn the pages. She would hear me reciting the dialog and story to myself. I believe this led me to a semi eidetic memory. My maternal Grandmother, also an English teacher, spent many an hour correcting my grammar and speech. When I was in school, I was not one of the “in” crowd. I was teased and bullied. Reading was a way for me to escape the hurts of the day and have adventures where I was the heroine. I write because it gives me the opportunity to go to my own world where the accommodations are better and everyone knows me by name. Every story I create is me, off from the mundane to the exciting. I am the one who discovers buried treasure, has a love affair or saves the planet. I am an accountant by trade. There is little deviation or diversion with the numbers. When I get bogged down in the routine, I use my imagination. This is one of the ways I get ideas for stories or continuation of a story line I have already begun. My poetry often springs up while I am doing some journal entries or other task. I keep a notebook with me to jot these ideas down for future reference. This is the way I keep going. When life gets me down, I fight back by creating a character that can change the world. I have recently started writing nonfiction essays and journalistic articles. I love researching the topic, finding quotes and drawing the overall point together. The first one I finished gave me such a feeling of satisfaction. I felt like I had really accomplished something. Writing is the light at the end of the tunnel for me. For the last three years, I couldn’t really see it. I was afraid that I would never find my way out. My goal of being a self-sufficient writer has given my life a new purpose and new beginning I thought was beyond me. I am on the path of success again, and it is a glorious feeling.
Photo by Sarah Dallaire

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