Friday, February 21, 2014

An Impossibility?

Does anyone ever wonder if it is possible to have an honest elected official? One with an altruistic heart who is willing to serve for the sake of the common good. Does this type of person still exist? I believe that many go to serve with the greatest of intentions. They have ideals and goal, promises they have made. Reality sets in and crushes some of the ideas. That is understandable, as reality is great at crushing. Some things just aren't feasible. Sometimes, the politicos find that they owe "their soul" more or less to the contributor that ponied up the most money. If someone invests $ 200,000.00 or more in you, this person expects a big return for their investment. I have read that the peers of the elected are often to blame. They have the habit of accepting gifts and favors. If one of their peers does the right things, it makes them look bad. They will ostracize the one who doesn't follow the status quo, applying social pressure. So, we lay out that is is difficult to remain honest and altruistic. Do we even expect them to try to work for us? I think we still expect them to listen to us and try to do as best they can. I believe that the average person's expectations are not ridiculously high. The average person would probably be satisfied with a few kept promises, a couple of days out of the month really applying themselves to the wants of their constituency and showing up to vote everytime the roll is called. The average person works daily for a lot less, they expect their representatives who draw an extremely high salary for the rest of their lives to at least show up at the office. So, why is that so hard? Is it because they cannot or because they will not? Washington and the Beltway are fairly set in their ways and beliefs. They firmly believe that they know best. They believe we need them to run our lives as we are incapable. They are pretty sure they are just a little bit better than the rest of the great unwashed, i.e. John Q. Public. They are elected to represent their districts. Many people are calling for that representation in a firm voice. The people are insisting that they do their jobs. Is that an impossiblilty?

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