Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beyonce and other Artists of Privilege - Stop Race Baiting

I would like to comment on the half time "performance" by Beyoncé during the Super Bowl. It seems that you and your husband think you are some sort of royalty who deserve special protection and privileges. You can pay for your protection. You should only have private bodyguards on your payroll. They can be any race, color or creed you would like. Just be sure you are footing the bill. Make your own personal police force, please. Do not ask public servants to protect you, even if compensated. You do not deserve their help. Your agenda that "black lives matter," is your own. Maybe your time would be better served going into the black community and trying to help families stay together. Get people off drugs, get children in a church, or at least somewhere they are properly cared for. They should not be running the streets, raising themselves, then folks wonder why things happen to them. The statistics show black on black crime is very high. Why don't you take your fabulous wealth and follow Denzel Washington's example? Write a check for a public facility. Donate your time. Instead, you choose to judge from your Ivory Tower and feel your privileged status while spewing racial hate. You are a disgrace!

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