Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dreams, Disillusion and Discouragement

Have you ever felt like you were fighting an uphill battle? Of course, everyone gets this feeling every once in a while. How does one cope? Primarily, I trust God. I know He has everything well in hand. Secondarily, I have a placebo. I have my words and I write. I make up stories to amuse myself. If, by chance, they amuse others that is good. If not, at least I am delivered for a little while. When I explained this to a fellow writer, he said that words were good, but he had rum when things got him down. I suppose that works too. I am just not a very good drinker. I never did care too much for throwing up. The first half of life seems like everything is a possibility. Dreams are established. Goals are set in place. As one ages, dreams change and some disillusionment starts to creep in. Becoming a cynic is a possibility. Negativity has to be held at bay for bitterness accomplishes nothing. As one learns how the world plays its' games, discouragement is a factor. There are those who have tunnel vision. They only see the world as it relates directly to them. They walk about, step on the feelings of others in order to accomplish their goals. There are those with a broader vision, who see the world as a cooperative. They are the ones who are most likely to help one along the way. Learning to deal with the different types of people in this world is a trial we all face. Our current economic system puts workers at the mercy of those who have. They have work to offer us and we have to accept their whims in order to survive. Without work, we have no economy in our household. Even love is very delicate thing. It should not be so hard, but it often is. It is hard to find an honest heart in today's society. Fighting off bitterness is a never ending battle. Things often go awry, but it is important to never give up or give in. Tomorrow will be better. Fight a little longer, though tears get in your way.

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