Saturday, January 18, 2014


I was getting a bite to eat at a local Mexican restaurant last night. Of course, no one can have dinner without a dozen televisions blaring some kind of sports or some sports talking head show. There was a time you could eat some tacos with some very pleasant cultural music playing in the background. Now our culture is so sports obsessed that no one will leave the house unless they won’t miss this big game or race etc. That was enough to get me started, but then a commercial for the latest remake came on the screen. Seems we need another version of Robo Cop. Please!! There are probably a million or more good screen writers who have wonderful movie material just dying to get discovered and get paid. If fact, we have a great one right in my Friday night writing group. Hollywood is only interested in playing it safe and CHEAP. They re-spin some mediocre movie or sitcom from 30 years ago that they already own the rights. Why doesn’t someone in a position to entertain the public make a mission to find and produce original screenplays? I would be willing to bet that they could be the next Peter Jackson or the next Wachowski Brothers. There is still money to be made even if you do have a spend a couple of bucks buying the rights to something new!

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