Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What is News Worthy?

What is news worthy? Is it the trivial gossip of the Hollywood scene or is the hard facts of the economy, war, foreign policy, the devaluing dollar or healthcare? Are the major news feeds destined to become the next "Star," "TMZ" or "ET." Could that really be any journalist's goal? For the last two days, MSN of MSNBC, has run the story of Robin Roberts and the picture of her girlfriend. While I am extremely glad that she has beaten cancer and is now happy, I just think that this is not headline newsworthy. It is not personal. I am not concerned about how she lives her life. It is a side story, not breaking news. There are so many stories that journalists today will not touch or have been instructed not to approach. Today's news companies are owned by big corporations. They dictate according to their agenda and how it corresponds with any elected officials they have financially backed into public office. They have little to no interest in truth. For these entities, money is the only truth. They feel that it is better to encourage fluff and sugar, social disputes and non issues rather than offend anyone who might feed the money tree. That is too bad. It insults all of the journalists past and present who suffered whatever it took to protect their sources. It insults all of the men and women who took risks to break a story that the public truly needed to know. I am sorry that it has come to this pass. I hope that anyone who wants to be a real journalist, who has the drive for the truth, will sign on with some of the newer venues who deal in objective reporting. They are out there. There are opportunites with, WND, Truth Revolt, et. al. Sadly, the mainstream, i.e. corporate entities only, have become non news reporting dinosaurs.