Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Much Ado about Something

We here in Atlanta have felt the wrath of Mother Nature. Two inches of snow has paralyzed the city. I spent Monday afternoon creeping home. A commute that last 25 minutes took me 4 and 1/2 hours. I was blessed to arrive. Many spent the night in their cars on the expressway. A baby was even born on the roads with the help of the father and a policeman. The worst part was the children that went to school Monday. Many had to spend the night in the schools as their parents could not get to them due to heavy traffic. Worse, many spent the night in school buses stranded on the road. Buses with no heat, no food or water, no bathroom facilities. The fingers of blame are resonating with the governor and the mayor, but I think the school boards should be the first flogged in this event. They call off school for minor reasons all the time. This winter storm was correctly and ably predicted by all the local news and their meteorologists. Why was school allowed in session? My child's school was open, but I made the decision to stay out on Monday. I am so glad I did. We are not prepared for this kind of inclement weather. We know this very well. It is rare, but the government has a responsibility to the public. We pay taxes to purchase and maintain proper equipment for public emergencies. I do tip my hat to the law enforcement, fire department, the National Guard and the employees of Atlanta and all the Metro area municipalities that worked long, hard, cold shifts to try and alleviate the pain this anomaly created. Their work done on our behalf was stellar. Thank you, one and all.

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